We thank you for reviewing the personal privacy policy document at www.listcard4u.com, and we are pleased to inform you that the site is fully aware of the sensitivity oftheissueof confidentiality in its internet dealings and is committed to protecting personal privacy, and the purpose of this privacy document is for the store to show its visitors the general approach to it in Collecting, using and disseminating user information across our store.

People who provide us with their phone numbers through the store will not receive any phone calls or mobile messages except by us and for the purpose for which these numbers are given only, and accordingly, you can provide us with your names and mobile numbers without fear or concern to use them in any transactions that you may request. We emphasize that we remove all names and phone numbers from any client list that may be traded with any research institution in the future, in order to preserve the client's privacy.

All website pages work in an encrypted manner using an SSL certificate to encrypt private data during use and purchases, to ensure high privacy for all visitors.

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